The effect Cheap Nike Air Force One In addition, Nike initiative adopted Ambush marketing strategy. According to the experts thought, the effect Cheap Nike Air Force One  of advertisements dont depend on how much money you spent, rather on using the least money to get the most profit. So we can see that NIKE often played the advertising before and after the Olimpic games which made people misunderstand that she was making propaganda for the Olympics games. In 1996, Nike didnt become the partner of TOP.But it was in the Olympics park, Nike rented a parking lot, built theme park, and signed star to show, developed the various activities, and in the end it turned to be the biggest winner with the American people still thought it’s Olympic sponsors.

Because of the different strategy the Nike company took, she beat other companies by occupying larger Wholesale Nike Shox NZ Shoes online  market share. Nike become more famous than before. At the same time, NIKE company dont forget to develop its new products, especially on its nike shoes. We know Nike company launched a new series of shoes in SpringNike Air Max 2011. I think this series of shoes is what we expected. Not only on the designing style, but also the price, they all show the great advantage of the Nike shoes. We can say that once we were addicted to the beautiful Nike shoes, and we are fond of the NIKE shoes too in nowaday. With the gradually development of the NIKE BRAND, we can imgine that the nike brand will become the worlds mainstream brand.


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