A Beginners guide to Replica Sneakers

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Foreword: I’ve posted this guide around the subreddit a few times, but I figured I’d make a solid single post detailing the ins-and-outs of Replica sneakers. This should hopefully give those new to replicas and this subreddit a solid foothold on where to start! I hope you guys enjoy the guide and it helps you out, and if anyone has any alterations they would like to make please tell me and I’ll be sure to implement and credit you. With that out of the way, lets begin!

This guide will cover the following:

Quality of Reps

Typical Good/Bad Replicas

Where to Purchase & General Info

Dos and Don’ts

Lets go!

A Quick Note

The first thing to note before going into quality is that all sites, more or less, get their products from the same supplier. So, if you’re worried about one site having shoes that are of inferior quality vs. another, you should forget about that. Just pay attention to the grade of the shoe. Since the product is the same, sites should be chosen based on best price, shipping charges, and their payment options (Western Union, Credit Card, etc.). Some sites will ship for free when ordering 6 or more items, and some will charge shipping irregardless of what you purchase. An example would be marsportshop:

They have a decent selection of kicks, but shipping is more expensive than we’re used to paying when ordering domestically. $25 base price, plus $6 for each 0.5kg. Most shoes are around 1.5kg, so you’re looking to pay $38 in shipping fees on top of the product price. In addition to this, the shop only takes Western Union. Basically, Western Union is a cash wiring service. You wire the cash to the receiver’s bank account. If for some reason your product were to not show up, you would have no leg to stand on when trying to get your money back since you paid in cash.

If Western Union does not sound like a good option to you, finding a site that accepts credit cards would be your best bet. Many sites take credit cards, but just keep in mind you are trusting a chinese sneakers from china knockoff sneaker site with your credit card info. Obviously in most of our cases, Paypal is the best option due to its security and excellent buyer protection. The long and short of it is: most sites DO NOT offer PayPal. There are a few outliers who will send you a PayPal invoice, but most sites do not offer it. What it all boils down to is finding a reputable site with good reviews that has the product and fees structure that best fits for your budget.

Grades and Quality

There are typically three tiers you will see on a website: * A/Regular



Super Perfect

Super Max Perfect


What do they mean?

A/Regular – This is the worst quality of rep. If accuracy of cut, materials, and detail are what you’re looking for, this quality is to be avoided at all costs. They are cheaply made and poorly designed.

AAA – One tier up from A/Regular quality. These are made with slightly better materials and often have much better cuts, but still use poor materials. These are to be avoided for the most part, but there are some shoes that are hit and miss like Jordan 4s or 5s. (Thanks /u/foamhead)

Perfect – These are a much better quality than AAA, often using materials and a cut very close to the Authentics. But, if the shoe has any sort of distinguishable feature (carbon fiber on 11s, hologram on 13s, matte mesh on 5s) it is very obvious the shoes are not authentic. These are good for rocking from afar, but up close the flaws are likely apparent.

Super Perfect – These are essentially Perfects with all the fixes, making them much closer to authentic look and quality. For around $100 you get a shoe that is more or less flawless. A few details are likely to be off, which leads us to…

Super Max Perfect – This is the best replica grade possible without going Authentic. If you can afford it, buy it. These are essentially Super Perfects with the the problems and flaws fixed. For example: Jordan 5 SMP has the authentic cut on the toe cap, a milky mesh, and uses materials nearly identical to Authentic. 13s have real carbon fiber and a real hologram. 12s have real carbon fiber and the accurate taxi yellow colors. This grade costs upwards of $140. They are pricey, but you get your money’s worth.

Authentic – This is the best grade possible. They are essentially unauthorized productions of the real, retail shoe. All cuts, colors, and materials will be spot on with retail pairs. The typical flaw you’ll find are colors of the boxes. The unauthorized authentics, for some odd reason, often have lighter or darker colors than the Authentic boxes. Please do your research on these and check YouTube for reviews of your particular shoes! Some still have very minor flaws, but they may be a big deal to you. (Cool Grey 11s are slightly darker than the real Cool Grey, Bred 1s have a slightly different cut around the sock liner, Olympic and Oreo 6s have a smaller area at the lace area going into the sock liner, etc.)

These are the grades you will typically see for Jordans and Yeezy’s. LeBrons, Dunks, Kobes, KD’s, etc. are all offered in one quality. Some shoes will be updated to fix flaws (i.e. Tiffany Dunk High) but due to low demand compared to Jordans/Yeezy’s, what you see is likely all you will get.

Typical Good/Bad Replicas

Now things to avoid, because the replica world isnt all sunshine and roses, these shoes you should stay away from unless you really dont care about quality or accurate looks

Foamposite replicas; As much as that pair of ParaNormans or Supreme Foams might look good to you, no replica site out there has got the Foamposite shape down. They all look crazy off, the back is screwed up and the carbon fibre is just plastic. Their cheap, so you might consider a pair, but really their some of the worst quality replicas money can buy at the moment.

Replica Designer Sneakers/shoes that are really cheap, like 60 dollars for a pair of LV Dons; These types of shoes are really bad. They use terrible pleather for the materials, the soles often fall apart and they all look really bad, not to mention wrong boxes supplied with them and often completlely different branding! The only exceptions are designer reps that cost $150 or more, or around that region, as they are often made with similar quality leathers and materials as the real ones, but the downside to these is they are quite pricey.

Yeezy’s are a ever popular replica shoe to get, and really its best to go for the Super Max Perfects of them or Super Perfects (except for the Platinums, because they are not of good quality at all) Just because they are so damn on point, and as an example, you can take a look at a pair of my own Super Max Perfects, which I did some easy fixes on to make them look very close to authentics, like below

Before suede fix


As you can see, drastic improvement, and it just took me 15 minutes! Also, on a slightly unrelated note, sometimes a replica may not be what you see in the picture. Some replica sites do use generic photographs of shoes, and sometimes even steal photos from legit websites to use for their shoes. Its wrong, but there is nothing you can really do about it. If you ordered a shoe and it was not how you saw it in the picture, be sure to post about it on this subreddit, so people know what to avoid! And now for sites to buy from’

Where to Purchase & General Info

Realistically, there are an unlimited number of sites you could purchase from. Below are some that myself, as well as members of this sub have used successfully:









A fantastic guide to buying reps from Taobao can be found above, thanks /u/SneakerReps, for the write up!

Shipping on all sites is usually through EMS. To the US you receive them rather fast. Typically 5-7 business days if the site processes quickly and has stock of your shoes and size on hand. The tracking number provided by the site may take up to 48-72 hours to be traceable on the USPS site. Please be patient.

A helpful tip for all sites is: if you an offer from a non-reputable site that sounds too good to be true, stay away from it.



Look to purchase a shoe with inflated costs that you couldn’t realistically afford. Buy a Yeezy replica and just enjoy wearing/having the shoe.


Buy a shoe you couldn’t realistically afford and try to re-sell it as authentic for the authentic price. Selling replica shoes is not only illegal, but you are scamming an honest person who has likely saved up the cash to purchase the REAL version of that shoe. Don’t be so selfish that you can’t understand this.


Buy a shoe and post a review here in user/JordanShoessale. Take good photos so others in the sub can see what they’d actually be getting if they ordered the product. This is also good for comparing to authentics and making sure you’re buying the real deal on eBay.


Post your new pair of Super Max Perfect kicks on real sneaker related forums, like /r/Sneakers or NikeTalk, and try pass them off as authentic.

I hope this guide helped you guys out and if anyone has any info they would like to add, feel free to either PM me or post it in the comments. I’ll respond to you ASAP and am always happy to help.

If you would like to purchase from http://www.sportsytb.ru specifically, don’t forget to use my coupon code for a cool $10 off your order:






Written by: /u/TheMagicTractor (me!)

Edited by: /u/seamill, who did an excellent job formatting and fixing up various mistakes here and there, thanks so much!

Application-related articles: http://ruyitradegfrgtr.blogspot.com/


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