Are Nike Free shoes suitable for long distance runs?


Nike is considered to be one of the largest American suppliers of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment. At the same time, This company and its brand are well-know worldwide.Nowdays, Nike is one of the most popular trademarks which is basically focused on the production of athletic shoes, sports equipment and apparel.There are 4 kind of nike running shoes. Nike Lunar, Nike Fre, Nike Air Max and Nike Zoom. They are all runing series, suitable for short distance runs, But for long time running, Which one is the best choice? Recently, One of my friends told me that he brought one Cheap Nike Free shoes from , and wear them for running about 5 miles, but when he want to add more distance, he feeled little uncomfotable. Personally, I can’t answer his questions, Because it’s depends on personal running characteristic. But here, I am goona write some my personally point, Just for communicated with all running enthusiast.
In my experience the shoe will start to show if its a good shoe for you for longer distances at around the 7 to 10k range.Technically there is no reason that you couldn’t run that distance in that shoe if it fits properly. I have one Nike pair that’s fine for 5K or less but any time I push out to 10K this pair is painful and blister inducing. I have taken the free run shoes up to 15 miles without any problem.Even For speed work and recing ( of course uncluding Marathon running). So, the question is “Fit “,for me, I think if you can run one new shoes over 3 miles and you find them comfortable,then just continue to train in them as you up your distance.I usually do morning exercises like brisk walking and long distance jogging with nike free shoes and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it. I find Nike Free Cheap Nike Shoes wholesale very comfortable to wear because of the design which really suits my needs. This series is comfortable and lightweight. They are great for jogging and drylands.
I bought Nike original and replicas shoes both before, For sometimes,I think they just like the same.But of course I mean the the high price and perfect replicas. I never trying to use 40 dollar to buy perfect replicas. Because I know they are not good. And here I recommed some good shopping website for you: & &

If you like sport articles,Please keep watch my blog, I wil bring you more amazing articles. 🙂
Good luck with you!


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