Original Nike and Replicas which one you will choose?

Nike company is the most famous sports company all around the world. It’s well know with nice quality shoes, Jerseys and so on. Nowdays, Nike is one of the most popular trademarks which is basically focused on the production of athletic shoes, sports equipment and apparel.You know many sports star are wear Nike products. Like golf star, Tiger Woods. He always wear Nike caps and Nike shoes. On my opinion, Nike company are not only sell products, but also they sell the sipirit of sports. That’s why cheap nikes china  shoes are so expensive. Do you know one original Nike shoes can sell over $300. Although I like Nike products, but the price for me is too expensive! I don’t want to pay so much money just for one pair shoes. So, Who can help us? Chinese! You know, There is a joke about chinese people. if you design some good products, Never ever let Chinese see that, because they are so smart, They can do some fake thing just like the original products.I would not buy the original products, as I don’t think it represents value for money.

I used to buy some replicas from China. There are too many chinese shopping website, believe it or not, When you put ” cheap nike ” in Google and search, It shows thousands of websites. Some websites are look amazing, like this www.buyshoesclothing.ru & www.sportsyy.net . I used to buy some Nike Jordan Replicas from the second websites before. I buy one pair with price $180 ( http://www.shopmallcn.net/Nike-Air-Jordan-VI-6-Retro-Womens-Shoes-White-Purple-New-p34453.html ), The seller promised me if I don’t like it, I can return it back and get refund. And when I receive it, I can not believe it’s replicas, Just like original.Genuine leather cover, I fell in-love easily with its classic design…. It fits perfectly!! Shoes came looking fresh and smelling new. No factory mistakes or anything. The box was a little wrinkled because of the cheap shipping option, but I love cheap shipping options. The quality of a super-star replica cheap jordans shoes are almost the same as an authentic one. Whether it is branded or not, replica or not, I just choose what I like. Replica shoes are being used widely because of the high prices of the original ones, people buy replicas to stay “In Style” but the quality might be a bit low as compared to the originals. However there is no harm in my view to use a replica as long as people don’t brag about using the original ones, while actually having a replica.
So, This is your choice to choose original or replicas. But I will recommed some good shopping website as following:
www.sportsyy.net & www.6pm.com & www.shopmallcn.net & www.famousefootwear.com

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