The best basketball shoes Nike Air Foamposite Shoes

I am gonna introduce you one series china nike shoes today. Nike is the most famous sports brand all around the world. When the Nike Foamposite one first dropped 1997, It was like nothing no on had ever seen before but people wore it in some impressive performances.The Nike Air Foamposite pro is a classic Nike Baketball model. It’s still maintain a space-age feel despite the advances in both the design and technology of basketball sneakers. The Foamposite one features a foamposite upper, a Zoom Air tm unit, inner bootie construction, a polyurethane midsole and a translucent rubber outsole that provides superior traction on the hardwood. As a basketball fan, I am highly recommend you try once foamposite shoes.When I saw these shoes, I thought they would be awesome. “Foamposite” sounded like space age material.  I wear them all time during baskedtball game.They look very unique for this shoes.
Here I am gonna show you one foamposite shoes I buy from , I bought one camo color. It’s just cost me 63 US dollar. And it’s really good quality. Here  is the picture in Nike official website  , And here is the real shoes picture I received . You can see they are just like the same. Who knows one of them is replica? I don’t care it’s replica or not. Is it the perfect replica or not, That’s all I care. For this pair, I think if you are wearing them for casual wear,they will lst a long time and very easy to clean. They will feel a little tight with usual size. But it’s will losen and break in after you wear them for servial time.You can go up an half a size.  These stealth foams are super comfortable because the foamposite material molds to the shape of yout feet the more you war them because of the warmth from your feet. They look so slick and are flexible which is surprising because the shoes is rather heavy. Give them a few days to break in and they will be find for playing basketball. The material quality on the shoe seems excellent as well.I think it may very well be one of Nikes all time best wholesale jordans sneaker designs.
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